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“Child’s play is a serious work”

Toys hold a very important place in a child’s life. At different stages in their childhood, children show a preference for different toys. 

In Waldorf the whole learning process is holistic, and it happens through the Head (Thinking), Heart (Feeling), and Hand (Doing). Waldorf toys, activities, and the whole environment is set and designed keeping these three things in mind. 

 In a Waldorf Kindergarten, a  lot of focus is laid on selecting the appropriate toys, creating the ambience, and on free playtime. The playtime is not instruction based, it is unguided, uninterrupted free play. 

How are Waldorf toys different?

 Waldorf toys are distinct by their beauty and simplicity, they are handmade from natural materials like cotton, wood, linen, or wool. 

The toys are open-ended with basic shapes, and smooth edges, the wooden toys are left in their rustic natural wood finish and the cotton and fabric toys are mostly in light pastel colors.  The dolls and animals don’t have facial features or have minimal features. In a Waldorf kindergarten, plastic and battery-operated toys are strictly avoided. toys with too bright colors are also not used.  The toys are designed following the Steiner principle – To allow children to imagine and visualize their own emotions and expressions for the dolls.

When you walk into a Waldorf kindergarten, it gives you a feeling of comfort and warmth. The classrooms have simple designs, aesthetically pleasing, age-appropriate, and minimal artwork. Play objects are neatly stacked in baskets and kept covered on the wooden shelves. 

What Toys Are Used In A Waldorf Kindergarten?

In a Waldorf Kindergarten, we use wooden blocks, logs, planks, small wooden human/animal figurines kitchen play tools, hand-knitted ropes, pine cones, Twigs, sticks, silk fabrics, Capes, balancing boards, Waldorf dolls, Crotchet balls, and many other simple articles. The classroom is set to encourage free and imaginative play. All objects are kept in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, balanced, and easily accessible to our children.

Why Are Waldorf Toys Expensive?

Waldorf Toys are handmade from natural material and hence are expensive. At Kalpavruksha, we sell some beautiful handmade toys which are priced reasonably, these are perfect for your little ones and can make a great gifting option too.

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